Refuse Always Piling Up?

Let DUMP-IT take it off your hands, with our weekly refuse removal service.

Weekly Refuse Removal Experts In Pretoria & Surrounding areas.

It’s time to leave all your refuse removal headaches behind! Contact us and we’ll take care of it for you.

We Are Experienced Removal Specialists.

Removal Specialists Who Keep Your Property Looking Spick & Span.

DUMP-IT offers a straightforward solution to what has always been a huge hassle to property owners: the disposal of garden refuse, building rubble, and more. In most areas residents are not allowed to burn their garden refuse and in the areas where it is allowed, the smoke caused by the fire is a nuisance to the other home owners.

Decide on how many drums you need, fill them with refuse, and we’ll collect them every week.

We place a 240lt wheelie bin at the clients premises for garden refuse. Bins are emptied weekly on a planned schedule.




    Garden Refuse Taking Over Your Property?

    Allow DUMP-IT to safely remove it for you.
    In  our area we are lucky enough to have a surplus of leafy foliage, but the downside is that garden refuse can build up very quickly. Before you know it, you’ve got a mountain of garden refuse on your hands, making your property look very messy.

    So What Do You Do With It?

    Getting rid of your own garden refuse can be a real headache, especially if there is a large amount! So why not rather leave it to the professionals?
    This way you can rest assured that all refuse will be removed in a timely and efficient manner, leaving your property as neat as a pin!

    Contact us to give you a Quotation!

    Building Rubble 

    You can contact our company to handle your builders rubble removal. Efficiency, professionalism, reliability and speed in service delivery are our pride. Just give us a call now and get unmatched rubbish removal.

    Eliminate Obstructions & Create Space 

    Builders’ rubble and other refuse that is stored indefinitely obstructs useful space in through fares, courtyards and gardens. By removing rubble and refuse you re-create long lost spaces providing practical and psychological benefits. 



    Is Your Garden Running Wild With Unwanted Trees?

    Allow our professional team of tree fellers in your area to take care of felling trees on your property.

    Deciding whether or not to have trees felled on your property is a big decision. Trees can provide shade, aesthetic beauty and even entertainment, but there are many instances in which trees should be felled.

    Some reasons that you may want trees in your garden to be felled include:

    Clearing space on your property.
    To enjoy the view behind the trees.
    Alien species.
    Tree posing a danger to your property and/or family.

    Whatever your reasons may be, we have all the expertise and equipment required to make felling trees on your property a hassle free experience.

    When is it Necessary to Cut Down a Tree?

    Trees are not always cut down to clear space on a property; there are many instances where it is completely necessary, for your own safety, to fell certain trees.

    If a tree is damaged and at risk of falling over, it should be felled immediately. This is because if the tree falls over on its own accord, it could cause serious damage to a person or property.


    Some reasons that you may want trees in your garden to be felled include:

    If the tree is too large and poses a danger if it should fall or drop branches.

    Where the tree has a damaged root system.

    Where more than 50% of the tree is damaged.

    If the tree is leaning over.

    If the tree has a mostly hollow or weak trunk.

    If there are many dead branches, especially on one side of the tree.

    Not sure if the trees on your property are safe and healthy? Allow one of our tree felling experts in Pretoria, Centurion,  & Midrand to come and evaluate the trees on your property.