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The BEST Rubble Removal company in town!

Whether your property is a business, office or warehouse, our team has the manpower and the equipment to get rid of all that unwanted junk. With our low cost service we guarantee your premises will be free from clutter in as quick as time as possible. From building rubble removals to home and office strip-outs our friendly and professional team is ready for any situation. 

It is an ongoing problem that no one wants to sit with!

With this problem in mind the staff of DUMP-IT set out to help and get rid of unwanted rubble.

Every household generates rubble, whether it is domestic rubble or garden rubble, for example:

  • You finally get around to making your garden the way you like it, but you have lots of soil, plants and leaves lying around after you finished and want to get rid of it? What do you do?
  • You had a big party with lots of rubbish afterwards and it is far too much for your dustbin. What do you do?
  • Everything in your garden is growing and needs trimming, but after everything is cut off, where do you go with all those branches and leaves? What do you do?
  • You finally had that building renovations done and it looks great, but the builders did not remove all the building rubble. What do you do?
  • You try and try and never get around to that long overdue cleaning of the garage. After you cleaned the garage, where do you go with all the useless “rubbish” that has been taking space in your garage? What do you do?

You can’t just leave it…

  You can’t just put it on the sidewalk…
  How do you get rid of it?   
 The solution… DUMPIT!

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